Heroes of Fallcrest

Heroes of Fallcrest - The Beginning

Rescue the two boys

It started with the two missing boys. Quin Stasi, a Fallcrest local silversmith, publicly sought help to find his two missing boys. A band came together, some local folk, some outsiders, and headed towards the Shadowhaunt Mausoleum. They were Ione the warlock, Pixin the eladrin warrior, Dworkin the dwarven invoker, and Bob the Minotaur.
In the Shadowhaunt they found an evil tiefling called Helvic who planned to sacrifice the two lads as part of a ritual to summon and bind a demon. The tiefling and his hobgoblin allies were defeated by the heroic band, and the two boys were returned safely to their father. The heroes told the story of a spirit who was guarding the mausoleum – that of Johan Kaius IV, the last of the Kaius line, one time rulers of Nentir Vale, and that after speaking respectfully to the spirit, it aided them in their battle against Helvic.

The party came away with two animated statues, under control of whoever wields Helvic’s Rod. In recent weeks the party has hired out the two animated statues as muscle to builders, blacksmiths, farmers and merchants.

Ione and the others also spent time guarding merchants and caravans to and from Fallcrest. It was after one of these jobs that they encountered their second adventure…



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