Rod of Helvic

a heavy black rod with a chunk of polished obsidian at the end


The rod functions as a Rod+1 and can also be used as a weapon. A foe struck by the rod takes 1d6+1 necrotic damage, plus any strength modifiers of the wielder.

Two Animated Statues are controlled by Helvec’s Dark Rod.


The wielder of Helvec’s Dark Rod must use one minor action to give one audible command to one or both statues and the statues must be within 10 squares of the rod wielder. Line of sight is not necessary but the statues must be able to hear the rod wielder. The commands they understand are included in the list below. To give a command not listed here the Rod wielder must succeed in a DC20 Arcana check. Once a command is completed and if there are no further commands the statue will automatically stop and stand still.

• Attack a particular creature only
• Attack all my enemies (they will attack closest)
• Attack enemy attacking me.
• Wait here until (add trigger) and then (add action)
• Pick up these items and place them over there.
• Pick up these items and drop them over there.
• Carry this.
• Follow me.
• Repeat last command.
• Stop (statue will stop current action and stand still, holding anything it was holding before).
The statues have been damaged in battle, and the method of repairing them is unknown.
Current Hit Points:

Statue 1: (73 hit points left)

Statue 2: (47 hit points left)


The statues resemble Bael Turath warriors of long ago, and were from a part of the ruins built in the same style.

Rod of Helvic

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