The Old Hills

The Old Hills
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The Old Hills cover a large portion of the northeastern section of the Nentir Vale, bordered by the Trade Road to the south and Lake Nen to the north. They roll away from Thunderspire Mountain to the southwest, and eventually rise into the Dawnforge Mountains to the east. The area is difficult to travel aside from the few roads; ravines and depressions crisscross the land, and the worn hills form walls that give the otherwise open country a feeling of oppressiveness and confinement.

Though the hills themselves are no older than any other geographical feature in the Vale, the Old Hills bear signs of the first human settlements in the region: ancient ring-forts built by the same hill-tribes that erected the barrows in the Gray Downs.

The remains of these ancient forts appear across the entire length and breadth of the hills, from near Nenlast to Raven Roost and Fiveleague House, both of which were built atop old ruins.

Various threats roam the Old Hills and the surrounding environs, including bandits, goblin and kobold tribes, giant spiders, drakes, and the occasional drow or duergar raiding party from the depths of Thunderspire.

Rumors of Undead: Since Magroth stirred up Andok Sur, undead creatures have been seen wandering the region. Zombies, skeletons, and ghouls are the most common, but wights, wraiths, ghosts, and even a vampire have been reported. Most of these sightings have occurred along the chief trade road through the area.

The Old Hills

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